Alan Ishii

Elevator Music, If Your Elevator Happens To Be On Fire

Alan Ishii is a singer, composer, producer, pianist, and internationally recognized adult filmmaker and star perpetually on the hunt for a pot to stir. With a background in early 20th-century Austrian Expressionist harmony, Jazz piano, and Italian opera, Alan debuted as part of the Young Artist Series at the famed Catalina Jazz Club in Hollywood.

He has extensively slummed around the underground performance scene in San Francisco and Los Angeles, produced, music directed, had classical works toured internationally, and was featured for his filmmaking oeuvre in the Berlin Pornfilmfestival, making for one heck of a trip down the proverbial rabbit hole since that humble Hollywood debut.

Recently, Alan has aimed his atomic stockpile of musical gusto toward the uncharted frontier with Further West, an album of bizarre medicine show oddities that explores, parodies, teases, love-bites, and violently stabs Country-Americana, taking the genre a bit... yes, Further West.

Listening to the album very well might give you goosebumps. Or a hickey.

Releases by Alan Ishii

Further West Release Date: October 27, 2023