Boogarins - Sombrou Dúvida (LP + Digital Download)

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Limited 1st Pressing Vinyl LP featuring randomly designated color title sticker (1 of 4 colors). A bundle featuring all four color title stickers is available for a limited time by clicking here.

Sombrou Dúvida is a question. A play on words in Boogarins’ native Brazilian Portuguese. It’s a contraction of “Sombra ou Dúvida”, the title track of the album, which translates as ‘Shadow or Doubt’. There might seem to be a darkness to the question, given that both choices aren’t exactly cheery. Yet, Dino, the smiling, Afro-donned singer of the group tells us that “shadow” refers to a feeling related to your comfort zone, whereas doubt is the uncertainty that hits people and leads them to follow their instincts.


1. As Chances
2. Sombra ou Dúvida
3. Invenção
4. Dislexia
5. A Tradição

6. Nós
7. Tardança
8. Desandar
9. Te Quero Longe
10. Passeio